Engage, Support, Empower



Community Learning Connections (CLC) helps foster a learning community, to Engage, Support and Empower  our learners and their families. CLC provides community-based Integrated Learner Supports and works with school administration, staff, learners and parents to address the underlying reasons why kids drop out of school.

CLC is committed to:

  • Identifying and addressing the needs of learners and their families in all six Tecumseh Public School (TPS) buildings
  • Using data to inform our decision-making
  • Providing whole school, small group and individual integrated learner support
  • Leveraging community resources
  • Supporting learners in their academic achievement, as well as social-emotional health and well-being
  • Facilitating evidence-based programs and services
  • Adhering to Total Quality Standards (TQS) in business and school site operations
  • Providing data-driven programming
  • Looking for ways to support the bold and innovative move toward Customized Learning underway at Tecumseh Public Schools

See our Programs page for more information about our programming/services or download our Annual Report here 2017/18 CLC Annual Report

For more information about Tecumseh Public Schools visit http://www.tps.k12.mi.us

990 for FY 10-1-16 to 9-30-17